Date: 2012 Charge: Power Generator Parts Weight: 200 Tons Dims: 10M Length x 4M Width x 3.60M Height Scope: Provide the customer with the transportation of three pieces for a power generation plant. In addition to transport, the installation of said pieces in an order other than normal should be provided.


Date: 2012 Cargo: Mining material transportation equipment Weight: 85 Tons Dims: 13.2M Long x 5M Wide x 5.15M High Scope: Provide the client with the transportation of material transport equipment in the mine. The piece was from the United States to get to Zacatecas, in the center of Mexico.


Date: 2011 Location: MEXICO CITY Loading: METRO STRUCTURES Dims & Weight: 30.5 M long, weighing 182 MT SCOPE: Provide manpower, equipment, supervision, libranzas and escorts for the oversized NOCTURNO transport for the metro line of Mexico City. (Including all permits).


Date: 2013 Location: Altamira, Tamps. Load: Boilers Dimensions & Weight: 20M Long X 14M Width X 16.8M High, weighing 602 MT SCOPE: Provide the client with the transportation of the boilers from the assembly site to the port of Altamira, Tamaulipas for subsequent shipment to Saudi Arabia.


Date: 2013 Loading: Presses Weight: 130.7 Tons Dimensions: 7.32 M Long x 3.35 M Wide X 3.35 M High Scope: Provide the customer with the transfer of the presses coming from the United States for the subsequent transport. The pieces that will arrive to Nuevo Laredo with destination to Querétaro and Guanajuato.