Topolobampo II Rigging Job

We had successfully concluded the installation of three turbines and three generators for the Topolobampo II Project, located in Sinaloa, Mexico. The gas components had different dimensions: Turbine: 13.5 meters length, 4.8 meters wide, 3.8 meters height; weighing 289 tons each. Generator: 11.5 meters length, 4.1 meters wide, 4.3 meters height; weighing tons each. The heavy components were…


Date: 2012 Charge: Power Generator Parts Weight: 200 Tons Dims: 10M Length x 4M Width x 3.60M Height Scope: Provide the customer with the transportation of three pieces for a power generation plant. In addition to transport, the installation of said pieces in an order other than normal should be provided.